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Victor Atkins is an painter, sculptor, writer and director originally based in Brooklyn, New York. From 1970 - 1988, Atkins was a prevalent artist working in SoHo, Manhattan where his work was represented by the Aldrich Museum and the Louis Meisel Gallery.
From 1987 - 1999 he worked in independent film in New York City. Atkins returned to his original passion of painting in 2002. He currently lives and works in Pasadena, CA.

From 2013 -2015 Atkins showed his work in the  Philadelphia, PA area in various galleries including White Stone Gallery, Legend  Gallery and Cairn University.

2017 - 2020 Atkins work has been shown in Loss Angeles, CA at LUZ Gallery, Mash Gallery and the Upside Down Gallery.


For nearly five decades, Victor Atkins has experimented with and explored the potentials of color and line gestures. With his Blue Sky series, Atkins offers a compelling new idiom to an art-historical discourse almost two centuries old. With a complex lexicon of gradients playing against and among one another, Atkins’ paintings toggle effortlessly between heady theoretical discourse and an experience of existential mystery. This is Atkins’ greatest achievement: technical virtuosity that offers up a fully realized world; dialogues and narratives rooted in Los Angeles, rendered through a flux of shape and color.


Atkins was interviewed by VoyageLA in November 2019. His work also has been reviewed in Art International, Arts Magazine, Metro.US, Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Resource Exchange.

His work is held in private collections at the Museum of Modern Art Lending Library in New York City, DuPont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, Allentown Museum of Art in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield Connecticut and in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Additionally, Atkins was commissioned in 1968 to illustrate the cover of Miles Davis' LP "Miles in the Sky" for which he received an Illustrators Award from the Society of Illustrators.



1963       Art Student League, NYC, NY
1964       School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY


2020      Exhibition: "Beyond The Temporal”,  Upside Down Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015       Exhibition: "Angels of Kensington: Light Over Darkness”,
                 Legend Galleries, Philadelphia, PA
2014       Exhibition: Cairn University, Langhorne Manor, PA
2014       Come Play", White Stone Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2014       InLiquid, Marriott at the Philadelphia Navy Yard", Philadelphia, PA
2013        Color & Light: Art & Fashion", Philadelphia, PA
2011         New Works", The Westside, West Chester, PA
2010      "Portraits of the Saints", Providence, West Chester, PA
1976        Louis Meisel Gallery, NYC



2020      Instagram May Featured Artist by: Upside Down Gallery: ART IS ESSENTIAL

2020      Mash Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2018       LUZ Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014       Tenth Presbyterian Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2014       "InLiquid Benefit v.14", Philadelphia, PA
2014       "Winter Group Show", White Stone Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2013       "POST", Philadelphia, PA
2013       "InLiquid Members Show", Philadelphia, PA
2013       "Convenient House Fundraiser", Philadelphia, PA
2013       "Glamorous - Art & Fashion", Ritz Carlton, Philadelphia, PA
1978        Louis Meisel Gallery, NYC
1976       "The Hue & Far Cry of Color" Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, IN
1976        Louis Meisel Gallery, NYC
1975       "Contemporary Reflections Annual", Aldrich Museum of
                 Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT
1975        Lakeview Gallery, Buffalo, NY
1974      "This Floor"; Six Soho Artist Studios, NYC
1973        Gallery 202, NYC 1972, Dorsky Gallery, NYC 1970,

                 EastHampton Gallery, NYC

                Nemours/Du Pount Childrens Hospital, Wilmington, DE
                Cairn University, Langhorne Manor, PA
                Museum of Modern Art Lending Library, NYC
                Allentown Museum of Art, Allentown PA
                Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT
                Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne IN

1976        April Kingsley, Art International
1976        Nancy Grove, Arts Magazine

2019      “VoyageLA magazine: Meet Atkins Studios...” Nov 4 issue
2014      "Artist Exhibit Spotlight: Come & Play by Victor Atkins " NKCDC Online News
2014      "Kensington: Artist Returns To Painting After Spiritual Encounter" Shauna Bannan,

                Philadelphia Neighborhoods
2014      "Painter Victor Atkins gets a second wind with Come and Play" Bruce Walsh,
2014      "Church Reignites the Painting of Abstract Expressionist Victor
                Atkins" Alpha Omega Arts News
2014      Winter Edition: Conspire Magazine     
2013       Victor Atkins “Ignited”: Resource Exchange Blog
2012       Art & Faith Catalogue, White Stone Gallery

1988      "Canal Street Station"
1989      "The Mirror Found, The Magnet Lost"
1989      "The Mirror Found, The Magnet Lost" 1st prize, experimental video

                 Suffolk County Film Festival
1969       Illustrator Award, Society of Illustrators. "Miles in The Sky”, Miles Davis LP Cover

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